Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Top 8 Most Essential Qualities of Ruby On Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is widely regarded as the application of choice among more agile and innovative tech firms. It’s simple, yet elegant makes it relatively inexpensive to build, test and scale. It’s gaining popularity across the enterprise which wants to get rid of their traditional development languages for this dynamic framework. However, find the ROR developer is surely not an easy task.

Here, I have given eight most essential qualities of good Ruby on Rails developer:

  • Passion for Development

  • Rails developers are passionate about their work. They pride themselves on their development knowledge and share that information freely with the wider Rails community through blogs, forums or social media. Their passion should help clients to get the best work for their development.

  • The Front End

  • Apart from HTML and CSS, Rails developer must have a solid grounding in JavaScript and should effectively customize open-source libraries like Angular.js, Backbone.js, and Bootstrap as the knowledge of how to use these tools has taken on new importance in the current era.

  • Quality of the Code

  • Rails developer should able to develop high-quality, bug-free code. This is best achieved through a balance of design expertise and emphasis on testing throughout the ROR development process. However, professional Ruby on Rails developers will go beyond to produce innovative, high-quality code which can be reproduced.

  • Knowledge of Database Technologies

  • A good Rails developer should have clear competency in database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL or NoSQL to ensure seamless integration with more advanced operations. Moreover, professional Rails developer should know their application accesses stored data.

  • Self-Learner

  • Independent Ruby developer will always try out the best output without depending on others. These professionals always try to write clear and well-documented code. He should not only create bug-free code but also need to delivering the best value to users.

  • The Basics programming knowledge

  • Rails developer should have expertise in both Ruby on Rails, as well as HTML and CSS. Th person or development team should know Git to manage source. Moreover, it is also preferable that ROR developer should have knowledge of gems, to locate and install simple add-ons and to create their custom gems.

  • Great Communication skill

  • While working with an offshore company, ROR Developer should have most accomplished communication skill. Otherwise, the quality of a product might be hampered. It might also, delay the delivery time off work. Communication with the client is also important as well as with the team. Miscommunication can have left client dissatisfied and may even loss of project.

  • Follow the best development practices

  • Ruby on Rails developer should follow best development practices like SCRUM, test-driven approach, continuous integration, etc. It is also preferable that the developer should have experience of building and deploying a couple of projects on rails.

So, any firm or entrepreneur should remember above given important qualities in mind, before selecting a company or individual Ruby on Rails developer for their business. It is said that finding the right partner half the work is done. So, when any firm able to find the right Ruby and Rail Developer for their project. However, hiring professional ROR development firm should better option as they have tools and technical sound resources for this purpose.



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